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Healthy Soles School® of Reflexology, LLC

Susan Watson / Emilee Bozic

Read what Susan Watson's Students are saying:

I heard about Susan Watson and Healthy Soles School® of Reflexology, LLC from a friend who is an experienced massage therapist. It was one of the best referrals of my life! I came to the classes with little knowledge of bodywork or anatomy. Susan taught me all the basics and much more. Susan's classes were small and very "hands on". She utilized charts, her illustrated textbook, models and her years of experience to present the information in various ways that made the learning complete. Reflexology is wonderful work to do, and my clients give great feedback on what it does for them. I will always be indebted to Susan and her classes.

Sue Watson is an amazing teacher. I attended the spring certification class and by the summer I had nearly completed my certification hours. She inspired me with her knowledge and encouraged me to spread the healing powers of reflexology. Because of Sue and her amazing class I have been able to help many with my new skill set. She is successful with her classes because she is so passionate about the subject matter. She is a wonderful person, a fantastic teacher and I would recommend her course to anyone serious about learning reflexology.

I value my time and my money. Susan Watson's reflexology class was well worth both. Her passion for the subject and her knowledge shined through the entire weekend. I learned a lot because she taught in a way that incorporated all learning styles into the experience: auditory, visual tactile and experiential. We stopped the "classroom" learning at intervals to actually work on each other. Susan was right there the entire time guiding and instructing.
Jodell M.T.

I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a certified Reflexologist to take Susan's course. It was Excellent! Susan is a great teacher with years of practical experience. I greatly enjoyed her method of teaching (which was very thorough and practical) as well as her sense of humor! 

The course days were filled with just enough information to really challenge us -- but not too much to overwhelm us. Much. LOL. But that's good, because she challenged us intellectually. I found that comparing her course against others, the level of competency and overall knowledge far outshone even the large Chicago schools. I am very satisfied with what I learned, and know that I was taught by one of the best - which is going to make me one of the best too! Thanks Susan! Love ya!

Dr. Timothy Turngren

Thank you very much for the great experience I had at Healthy Soles School® of Reflexology, LLC. I feel the course truly gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to go out and start helping people through reflexology. As the Director of the Geneva Ridge Spa in Lake Geneva, I was able to utilize the tools you taught from the very beginning.

I never had so much fun learning such valuable material. I feel the knowledge and experience you brought to the class was so much more than what I could have learned from a book or from someone else. The fact that you actually wrote the internationally recognized text book used in so many other reflexology schools makes me honored to say that I was trained by Sue Watson.

James Rosati, NCRT, LMT, ND Candidate Director, Geneva Ridge Spa & Wellness Center

The first day of my reflexology class (March 2009) was already fascinating; learning about reflexology and listening to Sue Watson's interesting stories. Towards the end of class, I was in the chair with my partner drawing on my feet. All day my allergies were really bothering me, making my asthma act up. I had an annoying cough, and was slightly "wheezy."

Apparently Sue was tired of listening to me cough; she worked the bronchial reflex section on my right foot first; she did not feel much (neither did I). Sue switched to my left foot (bronchial section) she immediately "felt something" (so did I). After "working" my foot with her awesome "thumb walking" technique I felt better. By the end of class I was no longer "wheezing," felt like I could breathe better, and no longer coughing. If I hadn't experienced it myself, I probably wouldn't have believed it.

Sheila Torrisi

I am so glad I decided to take Sue Watson’s Class. I had no experience at all in any kind of body work. I am a CNA. and only knew the minimum in anatomy. After taking the class I not only had a good understanding of it but also how it is represented on the foot and hand. I love reflexology and am learning something everyday.

It has widened my thoughts on how the body works and how essential it is for our health and wellness. Sue made the class fun and took away any self doubts and restored my confidence. Any one would walk away after taking her class and be glad for it. I use my skills daily and also integrate them in my caretaking.

Tina Messina

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Read what Emilee Bozic's Students are saying:

I loved the school and Emilee. Emilee is a wonderful instructor. She teaches from her heart. She always made sure we had the tools that we needed to be successful. I did a lot of research before picking a school, I am so glad I picked Healthy Soles!
Ashley G., Fall 2014

When I wanted to complete my education to become a certified reflexologist, Healthy Soles School of Reflexology welcomed me and made it possible for me to reach my goal. Their course is thorough and comprehensive, and will help you find your own personal style as a practitioner. Emilee is a knowledgeable and open-minded teacher. It is clear that she wants her students to succeed on all levels.
Toril O.E., Fall 2014

Emilee’s caring and compassion is beyond measure. She puts so much effort and preparation into every module. It takes a lot to be a teacher. It’s more than just having a knowledge of a certain subject. That’s only 50% of it. The rest is being able to connect with the students so that what you know becomes what they know. Emilee has that ability. It’s her passion and it showed up at every class. She is a role model for sure. I will miss the class, and actually feel a bit envious of the next set of students!
Rosemary M., Fall 2014



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